Centerpoint™ Translucent Roofing Systems combine a heavy duty vinyl clad extruded aluminum frame with virtually unbreakable Lexan polycarbonate sheets filled with Nonogel aerogel, a unique translucent insulating material. This winning combination brings the best of material technology to the construction market by allowing diffuse, natural daylight to penetrate deeps into homes without the heat gain or loss associated with traditional light transmitting products. Plus, they install in minutes and home buyers love them.




Centerpoint Roofing Systems


Innovative Centerpoint Translucent Roofing Systems are designed to let soothing, white museum quality light flood into your home.

Nichols & Associates Custom Designed Homes is the exclusive Centerpoint distributor in Fairfield Glade, Crossville and Cumberland County (and many other mid-East Tennessee counties). This innovative roof system has captured the attention of homebuilders all over the southeast and you can see these translucent roofs in our Cumberland County homes.

Centerpoint uses Lexan, a poly-carbonate material produced by GE Plastics, and Nanogel, an ultra lightweight solid produced by Cabot Corp., to produce a roof system that allows more natural light into a room, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and prevents the heat buildup often seen with glass skylights.

The result of this new technology allows a builder to bring natural daylight further into a home than ever before. This soft light creates a unique atmosphere in a home that is soothing and relaxing. The CPT Systems roof produces more efficient usable light than traditional glazing methods.

Two of the largest homebuilders in the Southeast, Centex and D.R. Horton, have installed Centerpoint roofs on more than 100 homes in South Carolina.

The roof systems come in several sizes... from Series 300 for bay windows or small breakfast nooks to the Series 500 for a home office, den or kitchen. The CPTS mainframe is made from heavy duty extruded aluminum and wrapped in maintenance free vinyl. The panels are made from polycarbonate and filled with “Nanogel.”

What is Nanogel could be your next question? It was developed at a cost of over $100 million dollars by the Cabot Corporation. It is truly space age insulation. It insulates space suits for astronauts as they spacewalk. Once a silica sand, Cabot manipulated the grains to where each piece has 50,000 pockets of air in it, making it the lightest weight solid on Earth!


When installed in a CPTS it will never lose its insulating abilities. It is permanently hydrophobic (water can’t touch it) so it will never foster the growth of mold. Hail can’t dent it. It will never leak. It is extremely energy efficient at stopping solar heat gain and carries a 10 year warranty.






A satisfied homeowner comments about Centerpoint Roofing Systems:


“I love it when it rains. It’s great all the time, because it lets in so much light. Its very relaxing, you don’t need those nature tapes anymore, you will have your own. I believe the Centerpoint roof adds a tremendous amount of value to the property. I wish it was like a piece of furniture, cause if I did ever move, I’d like to take it with me.”

- David and Maria DeCubellis, Homeowner




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