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Nichols & Associates is a specialized custom builder with a focus on prime-location construction. We are located in Crossville, TN and our market area includes Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Cumberland County and Mid-East Tennessee. We take pride the high quality standards that we build into each of our golf course homes, lake homes and mountain homes.


We offers a broad diversity of services to both our Residential and Commercial customers. From single unit design and construction to residential and commercial real estate developments, we have much to offer.


Nichols and Associates Custom Designed Homes, at 3644 Peavine Road, Crossville, Tennessee, uses Smart Home Technology. The Smart Home wiring is a low voltage system that allows homeowners to handle the distribution of electricity and electronic signals from a central control.


There are four basic packages available for Smart Homes:


(1) Structured Wiring installed throughout your home. All locations of wiring are diagrammed and coded as to location and use. This allows you the flexibility to upgrade when you want to, basically allowing you to stay ahead of all technological advances (which adds value to your home).


(2) Automation and Security Lighting. This package can be custom designed for you and your lifestyle. Just some of the possibilities include:

Vacation mode settings with maximum setting capability, house temperature settings, Visitors at doors and in driveway recorded on VCR, visitor ringing doorbell can be transferred to any telephone, guests at door do not know house in unoccupied, settings can be adjusted, including temperature and lights, by remote, this allows owner to make home comfortable before returning from extended stay away.

Energy saving settings, detailed security system capabilities, lights on timer based on family schedule, sensors to turn on and off many features.

Motion detectors, audio and video capabilities, hot water is turned off then on 30 minutes before earliest family member awakes, selected lights turned on and off giving house a look of being lived in.

All electronic settings can be controlled by night stand console, hand held remote controls, wall mounted button station and by telephone.

Ringing the doorbell can be set to make the TV change channels, or turn on recording devices.

Structured wiring can allow path lighting inside and outside the home.


(3) Whole House Audio. You can add audio to one room or all rooms with each room controlling its own volume. It gives you the capability of walking throughout your home without having to miss favorite TV, movie, song, while entertaining or just being around the house. Audio can also be supplied to the exterior, backyard, deck, etc.


(4) Surround Sound and Home Theater. You can build your own Majestic Theater in the comfort of your home (perfect for your grandchildren) and your friends will think you won the lottery, but this feature is cost practical because of the pre-wiring. These packages are all custom made with you, your habits and your lifestyle in mind. One of our staff will get together with you and your house plans to lay out all the wiring for what you want now and into the future. We can also explain the many options available to you and your family.





The Ukraine

Grandfather Nikel started building log barracks and houses in Russia.


Pound, WI

Grandfather Nikel came to the U.S. changing his name to Nickels.


Milwaukee, WI Grandfather Nickels and Father Nichols began building new homes after WWII.


Milwaukee, WI

Grandfather, Father and brothers open Nichols Construction. Father Nichols changes name to Nichols Construction.


Madison, WI

Peter Nichols invests in real estate apartments and homes.


Madison, WI

Peter Nichols gets real estate brokers license and develops commercial and residential real estate.


Crossville, TN

Peter Nichols opens Fairfield Rentals to begin Golf Packages and Rental business.


Crossville, TN

Peter Nichols changes name of company to PR&M of Tennessee, Inc.


Crossville, TN

Peter Nichols, under Nichols and Associates Custom Designed Homes, starts building new houses in Fairfield Glade.




MORE ABOUT US: How Building Custom Homes became a Family Tradition.



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